Get Gold From Inca!

Picchu Rio Gold is pleased to announce a new Security Token Offering (STO) opportunity with assets of GOLD DEPOSIT  in the multi-millions of tons in the form of the PRG Concession 2 stockpile. PRG token is a Polymath ERC-1400 standard programmably enforces regulation for Security Tokens by applying jurisdictional laws from across the globe. It can even apply off-chain data to transactions to include necessary real-world input and authorization. Following the successful accomplishment of Pre-STO token sale from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022 PRG2 Initial Stage and Seed Sales starts June 1, 2022 and runs until May 31, 2023.


How does Token work?

35 million tokens will be assigned to the gold back asset of the entire PRG2 Concession – totaling 60 million tons of ore. Initially, each token is selling discounted price during pre STO stage, and from there, token price will vary across every stage of the project. Following the successful launch of the gold mining operation in Peru (the key goal of this STO Project), the mined gold will begin being distributed between token holders in values that go above and beyond their initial token acquisition price.

The Vilcanota River is world-renowned for its ability to yield enormous amounts of gold – including going back as far as over the past millennium, in which it famously produced gold for Incan lords and Spanish kings.

The metallic minerals mining PRG2 Concession that has been granted to Picchu Rio Gold S.A. is expertly and strategically-positioned in a prime spot for gold mining, at the end of the famous “river of running gold” from Inca history.

Our highly skilled and dedicated management team ensures that all of our mining sector operations run smoothly, and that our employees are empowered to complete their tasks successfully so that the business meets its targets.

The PRG2 Concession also contains precious metals such as tungsten, zircon, scandium in commercial quantities, along with rare earth minerals that are in high demand by worldwide high-tech industries.

Initial processing is contracted locally with an environmentally-safe company to responsibly oversee the preparation of materials for their subsequent transport to offshore companies and refineries.

The world’s first dry ore concentration conducted through our very own proprietary electrostatic separator technology using graphene.

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  • What are the benefits of the PRG Key Project?

    • Ease of investing online
    • Investor-friendly tracking system
    • Multiple worldwide buyers/distributors of high-grade metals concentrates
    • Multiple worldwide buyers/distributors of environmentally leached gold and precious metals extracted into electrowinning powder
    • Access to various proven commercial quantities of gold and precious metals


    Nevada Amargosa Facility
    Short-term contracts are signed with Armargosa Coronet Metals Precious Metal Refining Facility.
    Analytical Experience
    Analytical Test is conducted on ores from the PRG2 Concession stockpile.
    Pilot Plant Setup
    A small scale of induction furnace for copper fire assay and leaching system for the PRG2 ore is successfully established.

    How to buy Tokens

    Tokens can be purchased via cryptocurrency or USD. Minimum 1,000 Tokens sale

    Pre STO Sale

    June 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

    1 PRG = TBD
    Limited Time Offer
    365-Day Sales Only
    Non U.S Residents
    2.000.000 PRG
    Buy Now!

    Initial Stage STO Sale

    Sept 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022

    1 PRG =Market
    Limited Time Offer
    90-Day Sales
    Last Chance
    Non US Residents
    3.000.000 PRG
    Open Soon!

    Seed Stage STO

    December 1, 2022 - May 30, 2023

    1 PRG = Market
    Increasing Token Value
    6-Month Sale
    First Order First Sale
    Non US Residents
    5.000.000 PRG
    Open Soon

    Distibution of Tokens

    PRG Token is an STO platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain for placer mining funding.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In this section, we’re going to provide you with all the information you need to know about PRG, methods of payment, and recent rates.


    Tokens can easily be purchased with cryptocurrencies or USD, either online or offline. The minimum purchase of tokens is 1,000 per person. Authorization is required if one party chooses to purchase more than 1 million tokens.

    Summary of Our Projects

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    How to buy PRG Tokens

    PRG’s rate is changing rapidly, as the price of gold continues to rise each and every day.

    Name Price:Initial PRG STO Token Sale - June 1, 2021 ~ May 31, 2022
    Hard Cap:$10 000 000
    Gold Backup Token:1 PRG = a share of total revenue from PRG Concession 2 until mining is complete

    Our Teamship

    Management Team – Professionals

    Douglas Ashworth

    Operations Director of Perú

    Brian Chin
    Colonel - USMCR, Retired

    Director of Security and Logistics, Advisor on Political and Social Affairs, Peru

    James Gim
    Former Boeing Representative

    CTO and Platform/Blockchain Developer of the Project

    Joel Yaji

    Director Communities Relationship

    Richard Woodford

    Project Chemist/Metallurgist

    Johan Ustua

    Project Systems Engineer

    Ernesto Gutierrez

    Lead Mining Operations Engineer

    Our Advisors

    Paul Brennan
    Colonel - USMC, Retired

    Advisor Humanitarian Projects

    Robert W. Johnson
    Former Ford Chief Engineer

    Advisor Technology Integration and Advancement


    ICO/STO Project Advisor

    Mark Jacobsen

    Advisor Technical Engineering

    John Dean Harper

    Legal Advisor

    Douglas Cyr
    Former Ford Lead Engineer

    Processing Equipment Technology Advisor

    Dan A Swaney

    Advisor Environmental Safe Mining and Transport Operations

    Ronald P. Macha

    ICO/STO Marketing Advisor

    polymath (2)
    Consult Ico.

    Our Social Events

    Latest Events


    James GimCEO of Avimetal, Inc.


    James GimCEO of Avimetal, Inc.


    Douglas AshworthCEO of ESM Sac.