“Picchu Rio Gold – 60 million Tons in 280 Hectares

Metallic Mineral Grant/Concession - Material tested to exploit: Placer rocks, gravels, sand
- Mining Reserves: 24,000,000 m3

The site is classified as “placer gold” having a high concentration of heavy minerals, a result of the natural concentration of heavy sediments in the sandbars, which is largely reworked sediments of former mines that often are as gold placers and also ore bodies on the upper slopes of the Upper Urubamba River in times of climate crisis slide towards the river plains, which are then transported in the rain seasons which the rivers have strong kinetic energy. The gold found in the project are the beaches (sandbars) which come from the erosion and transport of high Andean Mesozoic plateaus and dike like gold that is located in the oriental mountains where the river crosses initially as the Vilcanota and then the Urubamba River.


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